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Entry #1

N00b here.

2011-02-27 19:01:40 by Gashu-Monsata

Yeah, that's right, I used that nasty word, cuz that's what I ma right now. This place looks pretty confuzzling, but I'll figure it out :P

In the meantime, I have some art and a few animations to upload here.

That's all really for now, nuthin' much interesting ;)


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2011-02-27 20:55:53

at least you have the programs haha, i don't have anything right now. Not very skilled in art either but I have some great ideas.

Your first loop animation, thought id point out that his left front arm looks detached, like a doll arm. Because the line goes all the way around.

With time, Your stuff im sure would kick ass.


2011-02-27 23:23:47

This place is nothing like where you came from. Be careful. lol


2011-12-22 22:41:13

I remember whaching your first submission looong ago... you should like try making a flash game or somthing.. you have some real potential going on with this loin stuff...anyways good luck!